Monday, 14 March 2011


By Henrietta Branford.
128 pp. Harper Collins Children's Books. Out-of-print. (Ages 9 and up)


Rating: 5 Stars

      The characters so far are 3 of them, Tipperary, Hector and Spacebaby. Tipperary is a young woman that always cares about the baby and has big round eyes. She also has loads of colourful clothes. She tries to give the baby boiled egg but he didn't let her, but he likes milk. Hector is a dog. He has ginger eyebrows and the rest of him is brown. He is always jealous about things. Spacebaby is the one who is telling the story. He thinks that Hector is raining.
      The story takes place on planet earth where Tipperary and Hector are on Mount Wrath.
      Spacebaby is on planet earth telling the story where Tipperary and Hector are camping one night and a giant frisbee flys past them that took a baby to planet earth. He doesn't know how to talk in the planet earth. Tipperary and Hector find him Tipperary is looking after Spacebaby but Hector is jealous with Spacebaby.
      I think the story is very very funny because Spacebaby thought the dog, Hector was raining and Hector said that Spacebaby has a big head. I also think its interesting because they said there was a giant frisbee in the sky above.