Sunday, 3 February 2013


by Rachel Hartman
384 pp. Doubleday. £12.99. (Ages 12 and up)


Rating: 2 Stars

     This book was AWFUL. When I say awful I do not mean you will be full of awe after you read it I mean awful as in boring. The reason I say this book is awful is because when you first see it you think it will be a really good book all about a girl fighting fire breathing dragons. Then when you start reading it you find out that the whole point of the book is that Seraphina (the main character) loves the prince. Can you think of anything more boring than that? If you can then I feel sorry for you because you must read a lot of boring books.
     This book was about a girl called Seraphina who was half dragon and half girl. I allow that the tiniest bit of it was about her fighting the bad dragons, but most of it, as I said earlier, was about her trying to stop thinking about how much she loved the prince. You are probably wondering how is it possible that a whole book is all about such a boring thing as that. I hate to tell you that it is possible and my proof is in this AWFUL book.
     I think no one should read this book, unless you really like boring books. This book deserves two stars, as it deserves some credit for the part where Seraphina actually fights dragons.