Wednesday, 11 June 2014


Elf Boy and Raven Girl Book 4
by Marcus Sedgwick
illustrated by Pete Williamson
176 pp. Orion. £6.99. (Ages 8 and up)


Rating: 4 Stars

     This book was set in a fantasy town called Terror Town where creatures like werewolves and zombies existed. The main characters were Elf Girl and Raven Boy whose real names were not revealed. They went to Terror Town to get the Singing Sword so that they could defeat the Goblin King.
     I think this book is good for children who can read well but still like shorter books with pictures inside. This book definitely deserves four out of five stars.
     Even though this book was for the most part just a funny and scary story, the main characters do grow on you. Eventually you begin to see that even though they act like they dislike each other, they are actually really good friends. A good thing about this book is that even if you haven't read the first books in the series it still makes sense. I feel a bit sorry for Raven Boy because Elf Girl bosses him around.
     My favourite characters are Elf Girl and Raven Boy. Elf Girl is my favourite character because she has a cool arrow and is really brave. Raven Boy is my favourite character because even though he seems quite shy, he's actually very brave and kind.


by Sherman Alexie
illustrated by Ellen Forney
236 pp. Andersen. £6.99. (Ages 14 and up)


Rating: ? Stars

This book is about an Native American boy that is called junior. Junior is a poor boy that lives in the reservation* filled with Native American people. Junior is always bullied by most of the people in his school. One day, a teacher tells him to go to a new school to find hope for the himself, but he upsets his best friend. He goes to the new school and got bullied a few times but, after he manage to protect himself he made new friends. Not everything was perfect in his life…

    This book is very interesting. This book has many emotions to it. Some parts are funny, gross, sad, crazy and awesome. When there is a part that is sad or makes you angry, the author puts in a joke to make you laugh. The book also has pictures that tell more about the character. the book tells a story of real person from the reservation.
*reservation means a place that keeps Native Americans

    The most interesting part of the book is when Junior got to be a normal kid in school. He didn’t get bullied or teased by any of the students that bullied him the first day he came. You know how he did that? He punched the bully! I know its bit violent but I found it’s quite funny, because the bully became nice after junior punched him and it’s also wrong to do that! Then the next day the boy who got punched by Junior was friends with him.

    The most emotional part for me was when his best friend died. His best friend was a dog from the reservation. The dog was very sick so the dad of junior had to put him down. Every time I read that part I cry. Maybe you aren’t that emotional but you’ll find a part that will break your heart. Most of the book is emotional.

    The worst part is when junior got bullied by 3 mean people. They also life in the same reservation. Every time junior goes to the bar they always bully him even though they are already adults. But his best friend had a better idea; his idea was to cut their hair. You know that it takes ages for a Native American to grow their hair. Well it’s a great idea. The next morning they still didn’t know who cut their hair.

    This book is very funny and interesting. It tells you about a real human being who lives in a real reservation. This book also tells a moral that Sais not to bully others that are different from you. When you get bullied always stand up for you self. This book is a good for children to read and learn new things about the world. Never stop reading about the world.
Thank you