Thursday, 14 November 2013


by George Orwell
140 pp. Signet Classics. $8.99. (Ages 13 and up)


Rating: 5 Stars

    This was a very strange but brilliant book. It really made me think about our world, as in how the government always try's to make a new start, create a better place, but making it work is hard. After a while, sometimes, bad people will take over and ruin it, making it just as bad as it started. Are all revolutions like that? This book made me think of the Hunger Games. They are both about revolutions where the new leaders end up being just as selfish as the old ones.
    This book was about a farm where the animals were angry with humans for imprisoning them, treating them badly and then killing them when they grew up. Finally they chased out the farmers and put the pigs in charge (as they were the cleverest). Snowball and Napoleon were both leaders and disagreed with each other on everything. Snowball was actually the good leader because he did everything for the good of everyone instead of being selfish like Napoleon. One day Napoleon became sick of Snowball and let 6 hounds, that he had secretly been training, loose on Snowball. This forced Snowball to flee, leaving Napoleon in charge. Will Snowball come back and create the place everyone wishes for? Or will Napoleon create a place even worse than before?
    I think this book is for ages ten and up because you need to be quite clever to get the true meaning of the story. This book definitely deserves five out of five stars. My parents told me it is a classic, and I can see why.