Friday, 13 September 2013


By Michelle Lovric.
352 pp. Orion Childrens. £10.99. (Ages 12 and up)


Rating: 5 Stars

The Fate in the Box was different.  I mean, at first it seemed like a fact file about what Venice was like back in 1783.  Except it was kind of like Steampunk because they had machines that haven’t even been invented now, while still keeping everything else the same as it was back then.  However as I got deeper into the story it got so good that I couldn't stop reading it!  The main bad guy was Fogfinger and he did many bad things to the poor people of Venice.  I think the worst thing he did was kill the male Sea Saur, pretend the female Sea Saur had done it,  and invent the lambing (where two children, a boy and girl, were said to be eaten by the female Sea Saur).  The reason I think this is the worst thing he did is because it is awful when everyone thinks I did some bad thing I didn't do and it would probably be even worse if the thing I was being blamed for was killing my best friend, mom, dad, or sister.
The story was about three children called Tockle, Amneris, and Biri.  Tockle, Amneris, and Biri all live in Venice, a beautiful place turned awful by Fogfinger.  One day Tockle and Biri were taken away by the Piccolissimi Pochi (which is what the group of people who fought against Fogfinger called themselves) and recruited to be Piccolissimi Pochi. They were asked to find out exactly what happened when the lambs were sacrificed.  Meanwhile Amneris was making friends with Latenia, a fat rich girl who used automata for everything.  When Tockle and Biri got back they recruited Amneris to be a Piccolissimi Pochi. Amneris kept visiting Latenia.  One day when Amneris visited Latenia she found that she was very upset.  This was because she had to marry Fogfinger, who was by then an ugly old man and because her brother told her that Amneris, Tockle and Biri was probably a member of the Piccolissimi Pochi.  So, she completely baffled Amneris by asking if she could hire her as her own personal killer.  However you will have to find out yourself what happened next.
I think ages ten to fifteen should read this book because it is too fantasy for adults and smaller children wouldn't understand it at all.  This book definitely deserves five out of five stars.