Monday, 14 March 2011


By Jan Barrow. Illustrated by Robin Lawrie.
72 pp. Pont Books. £1.50. (Ages 10 and up)


Rating: 3.5 Stars

I like this book a little bit because it is a little bit funny and a little bit interesting. It is the best archaeologist book I ever heard or read but at the start it was boring and it came better and better. From looking at the cover you only know one character which is one of the sheep but if you read the blurb you find out who the main character is which is Gareth which is the youngest person in his family and in the book he is about ten years old. Gareth has one brother who is called David and he is around fourteen or fifteen years old and Gareth has one sister who is about at least seventeen years old and she is called Bethan. Gareth lives on a farm with his dad, his mum, his big sister Bethan and his big brother David. David and Bethan don't like Gareth because he is the youngest in the family. David and Bethan always ignore Gareth when he's trying to say something or explain something. Gareth is the main character and he likes digging.

Gareth is the main character. He loves digging and finding tresure. Gareth is about ten years old and he is also the youngest in the family. He lives on the farm with his mam, dad, his big brother and his big sister, David and Bethan.

David is Gareth's big brother. He only can think about working and going on computers. He also wants to go to university when he's older. David is about 13, 14 or 12 years old. He doesn't like his little brother Gareth.

Bethan is the oldest kid in the family. She's around 17 or 16 years old. She doesn't like Gareth either because he's the youngest. She's not in a very good mood all the time. She has brown curly hair.

Mam likes drinking lots of tea and coffe. She doesn't talk very much, expesially she doesn't talk very much to Gareth.