Thursday, 3 March 2011


By Joan Aiken. Illustrated by Alan Lee.
32 pp. Red Fox. Out-of-print. (Ages 4 and up)


Rating: ? Stars

Seppy is the seventh son of the seventh son. He's seven when the story starts. Seppy helps his father build carts and carriages for his work. He wants to play the fiddle and he wanted to be the best fiddler in the world. He has a sister called Octavia and six older brothers. He's only aloud to practise the fiddle on Sundays and holidays. He plays the fiddle to stop bad things happening. He had to go barefoot for seven years.

The second character I'm going to describe is the beast. The monster has seven feet. From far away it looks like a horned whale. The monster had two horns on its head. The monster was wearing seven shoes, which where Sep's shoes from when he was one to seven. It smelt damp, sickly rotting and weedy like flowers that had been in water for too long.The monster was very frightening.