Monday, 7 March 2011


By Neil Gaiman.
176 pp. Bloomsbury. £9.99 (Ages 9 and up)


Rating: 5 Stars

This book is very scary but still one of my favorite books .
It is about a young girl named Coraline whose parents do nothing but type on the computer and tell her to leave them alone.
Soon Coraline finds a secret door which leads into a new world where people have buttons for eyes.
First Coraline thinks this world is a lot better. Then she finds out that the person who says that she is her other mother and seems to be so nice really wants to take her life away. She found this out from three ghost children whose soles have been taken away and hidden carefully.
I think the lessons in this book are for parents and children. The one for children is to be happy with the parents that you have and the one for parents is to be kind to your children because they might run away.