Tuesday, 31 May 2016


Gallagher Girls Book 2

by Ally Carter

256 pp. Disney-Hyperion. $9.99. (Ages 12 and up)



Rating: 4 Stars

   I have bought this book because of many reasons. The format and the pictures in the cover has got my attention. The color and the way the title is edited has a theme of a girls school in it. The title has also got my attention, the way 'cross my heart, and hope to spy' makes people think it s a spy book and most tween would love spy books. I think the back blurb is not interesting. It is only a part of the book pasted in the back of the book. If adults see this book, I think they won't buy it because the back blurb does not explain the book at all. While I saw the cover, I could not see what number was the book, was it the forth book?,or the third?. I think the author should put a number on the book so readers will know which book is it, and not think its the first book.
   The book is too short. For me it felt like reading a chapter in a big book. The word are to simple, I think it should be more intense. I think 11 years old and above can read much better that that. I think its a book for an 9 year old.
   The moral in this book is teamwork. I think its a good moral for young readers because it is important in that age to work together. And another moral is friendship, a true friend will always be at your side no matter what. Friendship is one of the important things a child will need to learn.
   Overall this book needs some work. But the story line is very interesting. I give this book 6/10. Next time the author writes a book i think it should be more. And more intense.