Thursday, 26 May 2016


The Mortal Instruments Book 3
by Cassandra Clare
592 pp. Margaret K. McElderry Books. $13.99. (Ages 13 and up)


Rating: 4 Stars

   This is the 3rd book of the series. Its the best book out of the 1st and the 2nd because it is the book that has the war between Valentine and the Shadow hunters. When I started reading it it seems very messy. But in the end it all makes sense. Its ether between the valentine or the shadow hunters who wins.
   From the first book until this book (the third book) the cover always has the text by Stephen Meyer.. looking at the cover of the book makes me think its the same book over and over again. I also think the text by Stephen Meyer should be in the back because most text by a famous author is in the back.
   Valentine is a villain and also a father of 3 children. I don't understand him. Is he trying to use his children or does he really love his children? I think the author should explain more about this character because i'm not sure if this man is a villain or just a father. For some reason I feel like I should pitty him dieing.
  The moral of this book is 'consequences'. If you do something there will always be a problem. Its just you need to think if its a good choice. Clary has brought Jace from the dead. And she is not s supposed to. But she has already done it. Problems will come. But was it a good choice or a bad one?
  Overall I think this book is interesting and fun. I think next time the author should make the text in the back of the book and explain more about Valentine. I also think the book has good morals a moral that all children,teens and adults will understand. I rate this book 7/10 stars