Wednesday, 25 May 2016



The Mortal Instruments Book 2

by Cassandra Clare

512 pp. Margaret K. McElderry Books. $13.99. (Ages 13 and up)



Rating: 4 Stars

  This is a type of book that mixes every type of book into one book . I would think it has everything. Like Action,romance,comedy all in one book. It is like other teen books like the Divergent series. It is one of those teen books that every teen enjoys reading. I also like the love story in the book. Clary and Jace is very sweet and caring, but I think they are a bit over protective.
  I think the cover in the book has too much color and pictures. It kind of makes people think “what is really in the book?”. I think the illustrator should lessen the pictures and just have Clary and Jace or another main character. Most people like simple but charming covers.
  The moral in this book is friendship and care. Everyone needs to learn how to care and to take care of their friendship. It is a very important thing. That is one of the things that the author is trying to say in this book.
  The character that I think shines in the book is Simon. Before he was a Mundae (human) but now he is a vampire that can go out in the light (sunlighter) and now all the villains want his blood that is very important. It is very weird but the book always takes turns and bends to make it a good book. And I think Simon is the most caring person in the book. No matter what happens he always cares for everyone.
  Overall I think this is another book I like. I think this is the book that stands out, out of the other series. I rate this book 8/10 stars. I hope the author can make more books!