Tuesday, 19 January 2016


by Robert C. O'Brien
192 pp. Puffin. £6.99. (Ages 12 and up)


Rating: 4 Stars

   I am reviewing a great book called Z for Zachariah. This is a book about a young lady that is alone in the world by her self because the radioactive waves in her country has killed everyone. She meets a man who is a scientist. She thinks the man is the person who has invented the radioactive wave. This Is a good old fashioned book. My dad used to read this when he was little.
   A teen girl named Ann Burden, lives in the country side. She knows how to survive on her own. She owns her own farm, which means she can grow her own food and take care of her own animals! The most amazing part is, she knows how to cook, farm things, and she has a store that isn't owned by anyone anymore. It's really cool. I'm sure she can survive at that place for a long time.
   This book has a many important meanings. Sometimes people do things that kills many people. Every one in the world has selfishness in them. You can't change that. Some people might look nice but actuality they could be selfish.
   The setting of the book is very interesting. The main character lives in the big house. Besides the big house is a store with nobody owning it. The fact that the character can cook, spices up the book. She also has a farm of her own, so she can farm her own plants.
   Overall I think this book is great. It has many moralistic endings that think is important, and the setting is beautiful. I recommend this book for people who understands the world. I think they would really like it. I rate this book 4 stars.