Monday, 18 January 2016


The Uglies Series: Book 1
by Scott Westerfeld
448 pp. Simon & Schuster Childrens Books. £6.99. (Ages 11 and up)


Rating: ? Stars

   I am going to talk about the cool teen series, The Uglies. This book is a great science fiction novel about a girl name Tally Youngblood. Tally tries to have a normal teen life but because of her friend, she cant have one. Now she needs to fix everything to have her dream wish, to be a Pretty.

   Tally Youngblood is my favorite character in the book. I like her because she has her own thoughts. She is also like me, confused in every decision she makes. She is a 15-year old girl that has her world turned upside down in a few months. Her friend, Shay, dragged her in this revealing secret. She gives the readers unexpected turns in the story.

   The language in the book is very complicated. There is some words that i cant understand, Like bogus or Bubbly. I think the author should make a glossary in the back of the book. Some people might not understand those words.

   Smoke is the place where normal people lives(not controlled) its like the headquarters of the rebels of the city. I like The Smoke, the place is very similar to our cities, towns and countries. It has the art of living in the world in the 21st century. They bake and cook just like us.

   Tally youngblood is my favorite character. The language in the book needs changing. Smoke is very similar to our city. I recommend the book to be read by Teens and young adults. If it is read by children that is younger than 10, it might not be appropriate for their age.