Monday, 18 January 2016


The Uglies Series: Book 2
by Scott Westerfeld
384 pp. Simon & Schuster Childrens Books. £6.99. (Ages 11 and up)


Rating: 4 Stars
   This is the second book of the Uglies series. Tally youngblood is a teen girl who before was a ugly. Her world was turned upside down. She has done what the Specials(the people who control the city)has told her to do. Now she is a Pretty, her dream come true! Pretties is the best book i have ever read out of all the other series. It's the most interesting book i have ever read. It has the most important events. The story jumps to different events every page. So many events i cant stop reading it!
   The Cuffs is like a regular prisoner cuff, but only one side. It records everything you say and you do. I think the Cuffs might not be the best idea. Its not so futuristic. Maybe the specials can make a detector in their blood. This will make the story more interesting. They will have to control some doctor to cure them.
   The book changed from a science novel, to a love story. Now everything is about Zane and Tally. Its becoming very boring. I think the author should make it more interesting.
   Zane wants  to live with her forever. Zane is a kind, Pretty, Sharp guy.  But tally likes him not because he is Pretty, She likes him because he is a caring guy. He also helped her remember her past.
   I think David is not so fascinating anymore. Now he makes me angry. He thinks he knows everything. He thinks tally loves Zane because of his beauty. But no he is wrong.
   Overall I think the author should change the cuffs. The love story is too boring. Zane is the best character in the book. David is bad now. I should rate this book 4 stars!