Tuesday, 6 September 2011


Inkheart Trilogy 2
By Cornelia Funke.
688 pages. Candlewick Press. £9.99. (Ages 12 and up)


Rating: 5 Stars

This is one of the most brilliant books I have ever read. It is about a girl called Meggie, her parents Mo and Resa, Fenoglio, Farid, Dustfinger, Gwin and Aunt Elinor. Now that Resa got back Meggie wants to now all about Inkworld and finally reads herself and Farid into Inkworld without knowing how much trouble that was going to cause. From that day on things seemed wrong. Mo and Resa got read into Inkworld and Mo nearly died, Cosimo got read back to life but not really and Dustfinger gave his life away so that Farid could live.

My favourite part is Meggies first day in Inkworld. My favourite character is Meggie because she is simular to me. I think this book deserves 4.5 out of five. I think ages 8, 9, 10, 11 and twelve should read this book especially if they like reading because it is a fat book and because the main character likes reading.