Monday, 26 September 2011


Directed by Mark Waters.
96 minutes. Paramount Pictures. (PG)

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Rating: 5 Stars

This is my favourite movie. It is about a boy called Jared, his sister Mallory and his twin brother Simon. When they move into a big old house they find Arthur Spiderwick's Field Guide. After that they are whirled into a magical adventure fighting invisible goblins, flying a griffin, nearly being killed by monsters and making a brownie friend. What happens when they are ransacked by goblins and Morgerath?

My favourite character is Jared's older sister Mallory because she is skilled at fencing. My favourite part is when they fight the goblins. Infact this my favourite movie because it surprises you in a scary way like when the goblins suddenly grab out at Jared's twin brother Simon.

I highly recommend this movie because it's suspenseful, because it has mystery, because children are the main characters and because of the adventure. I think this movie deserves five out of five. I think everyone over four should watch this movie. If you don't watch this movie then you are missing out on a lot of fun.