Saturday, 14 January 2012


By Michelle Louric
320 pages. Orion. £9.99. (Ages 12 and up).


Rating: 5 Stars

      This book tells you of the adventures Talina had when her parents were taken away by the Ravageurs.
      When neither of Talina’s parents came home that night she is taken to her guardian’s tower. Talina, deep in the belief that her parents are not dead, tries to escape and find them. Talina is then turned into a cat and nearly drowned by her guardian. What happens when the Ravageurs decide to burn Venice? Will Talina be able to stop them or not?
      My favourite character is Talina because she’s the only one who tries to stop the Ravageurs. My favourite part is when Talina pours Dandelion and Daisy and Liquid Lullaby into the Ravageurs' food. I think ages eight through twelve should read this book. I think this book deserves five out of five stars. You could tell I was enjoying this book because whenever I read it I had a smile on my face. This book was so good that even when my parents were talking loudly (they’re very noisy) I was swept away into its magical adventures.