Sunday, 2 October 2011


By Holly Webb
272 pages. Orchard. £5.99. (Ages 7 and up).


Rating: 5 Stars

This one of my favourite books.

It is about a young girl called Rose who lives in an orphanage. Then she is suddenly taken into the work of Mr Fountain (the king's magician). She soon finds that she just might be a little bit magical herself. Meanwhile she has already saved Freddie (the magician's apprentice) from a giant smoke monster. What happens when her and Freddie's magic is put to the test? Where have all the children gone?

This book is set in an orphanage, a magician's house, the evil sparrow's house and sometimes in the town where rich people go in golden carriages, normal people walk and poor beggars lie on the floor.

My favourite character is Rose because she is a bit similar to me. My favourite part is when they get out of the cellar and are fighting the evil Miss Sparrow because I think that bit has the most action. I think ages seven and up should read this book. I definitely give this book five out of five stars.