Sunday, 30 October 2011


Directed by Oliver Parker.
101 minutes. Universal Pictures. (PG)

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Rating: 5 Stars

WARNING: this will spoil the movie

Johnny English Reborn is a sequal from Johnny English. It is about a secret agent (Johnny English) who is a really bad agent and always has a good sidekick. His sidekick is Tucker. Johnny always wants to be the more important one, so he is always is insulting his sidekick and never admits his mistakes. There are three members of Vortex in the film. there is one from C.I.A (American), one from K.G.B (Russian) and one from M.I.7 (British), who Johnny English works for. The members of Vortex get payed to kill people. The first member of Vortex, from C.I.A, is Fisher. There is a Chinese evil lady that is with them. She kills people that try to tell other people about Vortex. Fisher was telling English about Vortex so the evil lady killed him. then another bad guy comes to take the piece of the Vortex key off of Fisher's neclace so that Johnny English won't get it. Later on in the film, Johnny and Tucker find the second member of vortex from K.G.B (Pudolfkin). He tries to tell them about Vortex aswell, but the evil woman kills him first. English and Tucker try to get him to a hospital in a herlicopter. he dies on the way, but just before he dies, he tells them that one of the members of vortex is from C.I.A, one from K.G.B and one from M.I.7 but he died before he could say that the member of vortex from M.I.7 was SIMON AMBROSE. Eventually they find out that he is the third member of vortex and Johnny English ends up killing him.

I liked the film. It was one of my favourites. My favourite characters were Johnny English and Tucker. My favourite part was when at the end when the queen was coming to say thankyou to Johnny English but then the evil lady is pretending to be the queen and she starts fighting him and then runs away and he looks from behind the queen and thinks that she is the evil chinese woman and sprints up to her and jumps and rugby tackles her to the floor and then gets her in a headlock and starts banging her head on the table until he sees two guards with the real bad lady and notices he has been beating up the real Queen and then you don't know what happens next because it is the end of the film.