Monday, 31 October 2011


By Kristiana Gregory
192 pages. Scholastic. £6.99. (Ages 8 and up).


Rating: 5 Stars

This book tells you of the intelligent princess Cleopatra.

It is about a young princess called Cleopatra. Cleopatra hates her eldest sister who is called Tryphaena and wants to be queen. When a chest arrives with a pearl necklace that Cleopatra puts on Tryphaena nearly kills her with a dagger. Cleopatra is also worried about her father who is in hiding for people are trying to kill him, and he is waiting for a chance to ask the Romans for help to fight them off. Cleopatra soon finds that her life is endangered to for she is her fathers favourite daughter and when she is swimming she finds a fake of her very own skull from Tryphaena and people being paid to kill her and her father. She then decides to go to Rome with her father but is not impressed at all at there lazy way of eating by feeding each other grapes while lying down on sofas. Cleopatra also hates the way they talk about her father but they stop when they find she understands them and will say whatever she wants to about them.

This book is set in 57 BC. This book is set in Alexandria and Rome.

My favourite part is the funniest part, where it is raining when suddenly Mark Antony picks up Cleopatra drops her in a bakery then cuts of his cloths with his own sword so that he is naked and Cleopatra picks up his sword and keeps it. My favourite character is Cleopatra because she is intelligent, and it looks like it would be most fun to be her since she has a pet cheetah. I think ages eight and up to forty should read this wonderful book. I think that this brilliant book deserves five out of five stars.