Monday, 31 October 2011


By Vince Cross
160 pages. Scholastic. £6.99. (Ages 8 and up).


Rating: 4.5 Stars

This is an interesting book about what it was like to be an Egyptian princess.

It is about a young Egyptian princess called Hatshepsut. The Nile has not flooded for three years. When the people ask Amun what they have to do to make the Nile flood again, he answers, "Find a running girl who will prove better than all the men in each kingdom and worship her." Every one stared at Hatshepsut because she was the only girl who ran in Egypt. A few days later when she was chasing her dog she saw her vizier Shushu and another man plotting to steal into her grandfather's tomb. While running away from them, because they want to catch and kill her, she makes a new friend called Rami. What happens when she receives the throne? Can she take this challenge? Can she defeat Shushu and what happens if not?

This book is set in 1490 BC. This book is set in Valley of the Kings, princess Hatshepsut's palace and in the city.

My favourite part is the scariest part where she finds Shushu and another man plotting to steal into her grandfathers tomb and when they find her they pin her up to the wall. My favourite character is princess Hatshepsut because she does the most action. I think ages eight and up to forty should read this book. I think this book deserves four and a half stars.