Monday, 26 October 2015


The Hunger Games Trilogy Book 1
by Suzanne Collins
464 pp. Scholastic. $7.99. (Ages 12 and up)


Rating: ? Stars

     I have read this book many times and I never got bored. The book is very exiting and has many types of characters. Every part of the book makes a story of how we really live. Capitol is the rich people around the world, and only the important people know what’s going on. All the other people in the capitol is just people who does not know what is going on in the world, they just think of them selves. On the other side, poor people struggle to give what they have to the capitol so they have money survive. Hunger games is mostly the same thing but it's just made to attract peoples attention and make them understand about capitalism that is happening on the world right now.
     Katniss evergreen is the main character in the book. I really like her. She was a ordinary girl in the district that could trick the capitol. She is very sweet for volunteering for her sister. But she is also not faking her love for Peetah, even though she does not know. I think she is very shocked how the people in the capitol lives. Very different than the districts. At the game, she made a friend. Katniss wants to help her but she didn’t make it through the game. That maybe the reason she started to be against the capitol.
     Katniss and Peetah are supposed to act like their in love in the game. If not, their lives are in great danger. There doing this so their family and friends are safe from the torture of the capitol. The capitol wants the best for their people so they use the districts to make capitol people happy and satisfied. If they find out the capitol is not satisfied, many people in the districts will die, maybe even the whole district. So they keep the people satisfied. Even if the capitol is very mean.
     Katniss everdeen is similar to another character. She is similar to Tally Youngblood. Tally Youngblood is a girl from a book called Pretties, Uglies, Specials. She goes with the usual cycle that on the background she does not know about. But after she knew the truth, She becomes something like a leader to people who also goes trough the truth about their lives. They both also have fears, that they can't control. One of the common thing is that they both have two boyfriends but they don’t know who to pick.
     I like the book because it's about the story of the present life. So similar. Another reason i like this book is because it is a great book for teens. It has a love story. That is the most important part in writing a book. Love stories can always grab other peoples attention.
     My favourite part of the book is when Katness makes the editor of the game choose Peetah and katness as the winner. It's very sweet because you might think they don’t love each other, but if you understand deeply, they love each other. Now, they have might made their selves in great danger. They will torture them.
     The Most worst part is when Katnesses closest friend saw her kissing with Peetah. They make Katniss do it to interest the Capitol. Maybe Gale, Satanist’s close friend, knows what is happening. But he might still be angry. It's a true love story. Teens would like it.
     If I can change a bit of the book, i would make the Districts more technological. Like they live in small apartments with cool futuristics things. But don't make them rich. It would ruin the whole story. And also make Peetah and Katniss more romantic.That would make Gale more angry.
     I think Teenagers would like this book. It has very interesting Story, Problem and etc. Also that Katniss is 16 so maybe more people of the same age would want to read it. I’m almost a teenager and I have read the book around 2 times. But my mom is the one who first introduced me to this book.
     i recommend you guys that are going to read this book to not see the movie first. It will ruin the vision of the book. Also don't search of the characters of the new movie that is going to come. It will also ruin you vision of the character. So don’t do it!