Saturday, 28 July 2012


By Enid Blyton
208 pp. Macmillan Children's Books. £4.99. (Ages 8 and up)


Rating: ? Stars

   I like the book because its about adventure. These children like adventure very much.I can learn a lot from adventure because it brings you to different places and to learn more about the places. Adventure sometimes scary, sad, happy, and cool. the thing about adventure is about finding something like treasure.

   My favorite part of the book is when the children found the caves.The caves were so strange caves that they keep looking at the caves and wondering what is the caves called. the first cave is so beautiful that they were like glittering icicles in the cave. Then the second cave was very cool because it was like night time and the stars are glittering on the sky. At last the cave of treasure.

   My favorite character is Jack . Jack is Lucy - Ann brother. Jack is brave ,strong ,kind and the only one who can help to go home and find the treasure.He is the main character. He helps people who needs help.

   the part that i don't like is when Jack shoot those men in the treasure room because i don't like shooting or guns.Shooting is part of war that is why i don't like shooting or guns.Its not good killing people ether!! i know he want to help but its not good killing or shooting and killing end people lives!!

   The exiting part is when they came to the valley . it was amazing because they went on a plane to a weird valley.The valley was beautiful then people burn down the houses and some of the people too. It was a little sad about that. they found the waterfall too in that was an amazing valley ever.

   My favorite setting was the valley.the valley is a beautiful place ever . it has a waterfall , caves and beautiful mountain and there is a beautiful treasure ever too.its a wonderful place because there is forest and and animals