Tuesday, 29 May 2012


By Linda Newbery
224 pp. Orion. £8.99. (Ages 11 and up)


Rating: ? Stars

            This book had an eye-catching front cover, and an alluring story summary and title, which is appropriate because it was actually a really good book. This book has a really good mix of mystery, excitement, and adventure that makes you tell your parents "I have to finish this book today" and "just one more page" (although you end up reading ten more pages, then one hundred more, until it's finished).
            Meanwhile this book is actually about a girl called Nina whose mum goes off without telling anyone, only leaving a note behind. This causes her dad to go off in search of her so Nina is left alone and slowly she uncovers the mystery of where her mum is and why.
            Reader, I think that after you have read this book you will agree with me that ages eight to twelve will enjoy reading this book. The reason I think this is because most little kids like the story to happen more quickly, and most grown ups and teenagers like longer, more boring books where you fall asleep while reading them.
            This book has a lot of very good morals and I shall tell you about my favourite one in my next sentence. My favourite one is that you shouldn't go off in search of someone and leave your child at home with their aunts, because it is likely that your child will find out where that person is before you do.