Sunday, 20 May 2012


By Richard Brassey
24 pp. Orion. £4.99. (Ages 7 and up)


Rating: ? Stars

      This story is not really about anything I could say without giving away the story. It is basically about the queen, in longer words it is about the queen's childhood, as she grew up and turned into queen.
      What really caught me and half made me laugh was when the queen and Crawfie (her governess)  disguised themselves as normal people and went for tea. The funny thing about this was that when they went there they had to carry their own tea and that even though they made good efforts people still knew who they were and they were stared at. I really liked Queen Salote of Tonga because she ignored the rain and waved cheerily from an open window.
      I think the average age to read this book (or have it read to) is five. The reason I think the average age is five is because it is not exactly a baby book but it isn't really a big kid book either.

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