Monday, 30 April 2012


SIX DAYS By Philip Webb
384 pp. Chicken House. £6.99. (Ages 10 and up)


Rating: ? Stars

      I read the book because I read the back and it seemed like a thunderous mystery.
       I think ages nine and up should read this book because if you are any younger you will not understand the first half of the book. I would not recommend it to grown ups though because it has a childlike story.
       A shiver went down my spine when I found out about the soldiers that were basically machines controlled by the bosses mind. Six Days is about girl called Cass and her brother, Wilbur, who are both "Scavs" (scavenger). One day when Cass is out looking for Wilbur they meet up with two alien people who help them find something called the artefact.
       I think the characters were realistic because the main characters are not Mr Perfect or Miss Perfect but are more real. However the characters are a bit unrealistic because they can do some crazy things that normal people cannot do. Although the setting started off in London, which was realistic, it ended up in extraordinary places which were not realistic.
       Despite this story not having much off a moral, at least that I noticed, it is a book you would probably just read for fun. In addition this book reminds me of a time I had a sleepover at the British Museum and went sleep walking which scared the daylights out of my mother. Why? Because close to the end they go to the British Museum to find the artefact.

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