Friday, 16 December 2011


By Patrick Ness. Illustrated by Jim Kay.
216 pages. Walker. £12.99. (Ages 12 and up).


Rating: 5 Stars

      This book tells you about a young boy who is visited by a monster.
      It is about a twelve year old boy called Conor who one night sees instead of a yew tree through his window a monster. Another time the monster grabs him, takes him out, and tells him that he shall tell him three stories then he shall then tell the truth and afterwards when he had left and Conor woke up he found poisonous red yew tree berries scattered across the floor. What happens when it finally comes to telling the truth? Will Conor tell it and be rid of the nightmare or shall he live inside the nightmare forever?
      My favourite character is Conor because he is fearless. My favourite part is the scariest part, when Conor is inside the nightmare. Although my parents think the monster is just adrenalin I know that it is real because of the baby yew tree growing in his room. I think ages eight through fifteen should read this brilliant book. I think this book definitely deserves five out of five stars.