Wednesday, 14 December 2011


By Brian Patten
Illustrated by Nicola Bayley
32 pages. Andersen Press Ltd. £10.99 (Ages 0+)


Rating: 4 Stars

This book tells you about an old scarecrow and lots of animals in a house. It is about a scarecrow and nine animals going together in a house. First an old scarecrow and a mouse go in the house. Then a robin and a butterfly go into the house. After that a squirrel and a rabbit come into the house. Next a cat and a dog come into the house. Then a fawn, a lamb, and a donkey came into the house. Lastly a heron, a fox, and an owl came into the house. My favourite character is the dog. My favourite part is when the donkey comes in. I think the pictures are amazingly real. I think ages four and five should read this book. I think this book deserves four out of five stars.
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(communicated by Agustinia ligabuei; written by Bellusaurus sui)