Tuesday, 2 October 2012


By Cornelia Funk
352 pp. Orion Books. £6.99. (Ages 8 and up)


Rating: ? Stars

  As I am a child magic books normally appeal to me the most, so of course I thought this was a brilliant book. I get excited by a book not because of the social emotions you feel but because I like to feel like I am on an adventure.
  It wasn't just the magic that caught my eye though. Cornelia Funk doesn't just copy some boring old writer, but she really thinks of her own ideas and entertains you with a new story every time. This was a brilliant book and I recommend it to everyone.
  This book is about a boy called Jon Hartgill, who is sent to a boarding school in Salisbury. On his second night sleeping there he is woken up by the sound of trotting hooves and out of his window see's three hideous ghosts on horses. For a few nights he is haunted by them until he makes friends with a girl called Ella who tells him about a ghost called William Longspee who helps them fight off the ghosts. They think that the ghosts are gone forever, but are they really?
  The moral of this book is quite a small and hidden moral but it is still a moral. It is to never trust a person (in the book it is a ghost) that claim's your hero or friend is a murderer and definitely don't let yourself nearly get killed because you think your hero or friend is a murderer.