Sunday, 26 February 2012


Chronicles of Ancient Darkness: Book 1
By Michelle Paver
240 pp. Orion. £8.99. (Ages 9 and up)


Rating: 4.5 Stars

      This books tells you about a boy whose father had died and had been told to go to the world spirit before the red moon and ask for help to destroy the bear that killed him.
      When Torak finds himself all alone in the forest to fend for himself, find the world sprit and ask for help he meets up with a wolf cub and becomes friends. He calls it Wolf. One day Torak finds himself captured by a different clan for killing an animal in their part of the forest. Torak is luckily helped out by one of the girls. What happens when Torak find that he has to find the three strongest pieces of the Nanuak? Will he be able to find them in time or not?
      This book made me understand what dangers you might have in North West Europe six thousand years ago. My favourite character is Renn because she's really good at archery. My favourite part is when Torak find the river eyes. I think ages nine and up should read this brilliant book. I think this book deserves four and a half out of five stars.

Renn's Bow and Arrows. Accessories for World Book Day costume, inspired by Wolf Brother. Gift bag covered in packaging paper with designs in colored pencil. String and twigs carved with pocket knife. Original design by Bellusaurus sui.