Saturday, 26 November 2011

MY STORY 4 book comparison

By Andrew Donkin
176 pages. Scholastic. £6.99. (Ages 8 and up).


Rating: 4.5 Stars

By Jim Eldridge
144 pages. Scholastic. £6.99. (Ages 8 and up).


Rating: 4.5 Stars

By Carolyn Meyer
224 pages. Scholastic. £6.99. (Ages 8 and up).


Rating: 4.5 Stars

By Alison Prince
224 pages. Scholastic. £6.99. (Ages 9 and up).


Rating: 4.5 Stars

      This report is about four books, one's called "Viking Blood", another's called "Roman Invasion", another's called "Anastasia" and the last is called "Anne Boleyn and Me". The similarity between these four novels is that they are all historical.
      First I will tell you about the book called "Anne Boleyn and Me". It is about a Tudor girl named Elinor who is one of the ladies in waiting for Queen Catherine of Aragon. Anne Boleyn was as well until she caught the eye of King Henry. Since then the people of the town hated her for they wanted to stay true to their first queen, Catherine of Aragon. King Henry tried really hard (too hard) for Anne Boleyn just to divorce Catherine and marry her instead. King Henry marries her but he regrets it after about two years, a bit silly in my mind. What happens when Anne Boleyn is suspected of witchery? Shall she be condemned to death or not?
      Secondly I shall tell you about the book called "Anastasia". It is about a Russian Grand Duchess called Anastasia who is the youngest daughter of the tsar. Things go well for her family with lovely Easter feasts and sledging in the winter until the first World War and the Bolshevik Revolution comes along. Anastasia and her family are now captured and sent far away to Siberia. The life that Anastasia now knows is far from the same as her old life, she goes from eating fancy roast meals and fancy cakes off of silver tables to eating cheese and bread off of the floor.
      Thirdly I shall tell you about the book called "Roman Invasion". It is about a British warrior prince of the Carvetii tribe called Bran who is captured by the Romans to be held as a hostage. The Roman soldiers are building a road for protection and are using him to make sure no British soldiers attack in the middle for they shall kill Bran if anyone does attack. On the way Bran makes friends with two Greek men who had the choice to die or to work for the Roman soldiers and chose to work for them. One day when a British tribe did try to kill the Roman soldiers the two men pretended it was a completely different tribe and said they knew by their tattoos. What happens when Bran kills one of the soldiers from his very own tribe to save one of the two men? Shall the gods kill him for killing someone in his own tribe or shall they spare his life for saving a man?
      Lastly I shall tell you about the book called "Viking Blood". It is about a boy called Tor Scaldbane (Tor for short) who is going on the next raiding party. Tor and his half brother Ragner train with Tyral and their father to get ready for raiding. When they actually start raiding they find that they won't just be raiding but that they shall have war on the battlefield. Tor and Ragner imagined themselves fighting without the slightest fear and winning for everyone but when the time actually came they just stood there for a couple of minutes before actually starting to fight. Although they weren't the best fighters they still ended up killing one man each. What happens when Tor's hand is cut off and a great fever comes upon him? Shall the gods be kind and let him live through it or shall they make him be gone forever and ever.
      My favourite book would probably be "Anne Boleyn and Me" because her head gets chopped off, then "Viking Blood", then "Anastasia", and finally "Roman Invasion". My favourite character from all the books is Anne Boleyn because she is very brave, turns into queen, and tried to let normal people read. I think people aged eight through forty should read these books. I would rate all of these books four and a half out of five stars.