Saturday, 19 November 2011


By Kathryn Lasky
224 pages. Scholastic. £6.99. (Ages 8 and up).


Rating: 5 Stars

      This book tells you of the adventures Marie Antoinette had on her way to becoming a French queen. It is about a young princess called Marie Antoinette who is learning how to be a French queen. Although she hates being away from her family she knows it can't be to bad. On her way to becoming Queen many sad and funny things happen. It is sad when her dance teacher dies, however it is funny when she has to run naked in front of five thousand people! Marie Antoinette is not very happy when she meets her husband because she finds he has pimples, is really fat, and droops a lot. Later on she finds she might be able to make a friend of him. Marie Antoinette hates her main lady in waiting who wears thick red lip gloss, likes to be very proper, and makes the king do what ever she wants him to. However when Queen Marie Antoinette finds that she cannot take a bath, go to the toilet or eat privately she is very surprised and angry for she learned how to go to the toilet and take a bath herself when she was six. When Marie Antoinette shows her husband how to simply make a snowball he starts singing a rhyme about his wonderful wife and how lucky he is to have her. What happens when Marie Antoinette's main lady in waiting expels Marie Antoinette's favourite lady in waiting? Will Marie Antoinette ever get her back?
      This book is set in 1769 AD. This book is set in the palace, in the village, in the garden and in the hospitals.
      My favourite part is the funniest part, when Marie Antoinette has to run naked in front of 5000 people! My favourite character is Marie Antoinette because she turns into a queen. I think people aged eight through forty should read this book. I think this book deserves five out of five stars.