Monday, 26 September 2016


Graceling Realm Book 2

by Kristin Cashore

528 pp. Firebird. $10.99. (Ages 12 and up)



Rating: 4 Stars

    This book is about a monster that has lived in the ages of knights and princesses. The monster is a beautiful 18 year old girl called fire. She can control and read minds of humans and animals. She has never wanted to be a monster but her father, Carasel, has made her one of them. She has to live through the fact that she is a monster that is hated by everyone. Now, she is trusted by the kingdom of the dells to help save the kingdom from a war between three kingdoms. Will she save the kingdom or make it fall apart?
    The book is like a history book. It talks about the past when the kingdoms of princess and princes ruled the land. But the author added some interesting character into the book. She has also added some animals that is celled monsters. Which is something regular kingdoms don't have.
    I think the author wants readers to understand how people lived a long time ago. But instead of making it very boring history book she has added wild characters to attract the attention of the readers. While the readers read about the interesting actions about fire( the main character) they will also understand what used to happen in the past like wars , kingdoms, travels and more.
    Fire is a great character. She might be a beautiful monster but inside she is something more. She is a brave strong girl. If you read the book you might see that there is a lot of things that has happened to her but she kept of going forward. Her father is a monster but fire is not. I see her as a person that has amazing gifts to read peoples minds. Fire has chosen to use her powers/gifts to do good things, not vicious and horrible things like her father. She has used her powers to help the kingdom win a war.
    Fire has a weird love story. Archer was her best friend when she was little. Now he has turned into her lover. Archer wants fire to marry him. I understand that he wants to protect Fire but not in that way. Fire will be miserable. I think she has the right not to marry anyone. People might use her.
    I think the author should change archers name. I think the name can confuse the readers. In some parts when there are both archers (a person who shoots a bow in a war battle) and Archer I get confused of what they do. I think the author should add a sign so the readers could understand.
    This book has great morals. One of the morals that shines in the book is ' use your special things for good things'. Like while Fire is a monster , she tries to be a good person. She uses her powers to help not to ruin things.
    I recommend this book for teens around 13-over because there are lessons in the book that they need to understand. I give the book 7/10 stars. I hope the author can make more books.