Monday, 20 April 2015


by Tanya Landman
368 pp. Walker. £7.99. (Ages 14 and up)


Rating: 4 Stars

    The book is about the times when American had slaves. The main characters are Charlotte and Abe (her horse), and the Indians they were fighting.
    My favourite part is when she joins the army. My favourite character is Abe because she is an animal. My least favourite parts are when she falls in love and when her horse died. My least favourite character is the boss of the army.
    I liked how there are not many books that show you how awful it is to be a slave. It is written so you know what her voice sounds like (her accent). That made it special.
    Did we like this book? Yes and no. It was too intense for a child to finish, and the parent reading had to not read everything because there were swear words and very violent parts that the child did not want to hear. However, for a teenager or an adult it is very well written, interesting, and informative, with four out of five stars.
    I think teenagers would like this book because it is sad and has romance.
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